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Gay and Lesbian Travel in Africa

It goes without saying – Africa is the least tolerant when it comes to homosexuality with most countries criminalising sexual relationships between people of the same-sex, often punishable with the death penalty. However in the North and South attitudes are gradually changing.

Africa is a continent that offers rich ancient history, large natural habitats and jaw-dropping landscapes to explore. However if you want to feel more at ease with your sexuality head to South Africa. It was the first country on the continent and fifth worldwide to legalise same-sex marriage in 2006.

South Africa has a strong LGBT Travel tourism campaign to promote its destination as a welcoming, vibrant and exotic location. While Egypt, Morrocco, and Tunisia, with its wealth of European tourists, have become popular destinations for gay couples or groups seeking sun.

For nightlife Cape Town is your city, it has a maturing gay scene and as an international city it has a welcoming flavour. The Bronx is one of the longest serving gay bars in South Africa and has recently undergone a refurbishment. In 2011 Cape Town Pride celebrated its 10-year anniversary and runs between February and March every year.

Africa has a lot to offer the tourist looking for the unique experience from a trip down the River Nile, The Masai Mara in Kenya, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Marrakech of Morrocco, Mount Kilimanjaro or the Sahara Desert.


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