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Lesbian and Gay Welcoming Hotels in Italy

Italy is still in the grips of traditional Catholic values and being the land of the Pope, gay rights movements face many challenges for recognition and visibility.

The culture in Italy is often that people will remain living with their parents until they find a partner to marry, however with many families still with traditional values gay people struggle to be open about their sexuality. However this does not mean the gay community is hard to find, Rome has a number of relatively discreet bars and clubs and Pride festivals are being celebrated in more cities every year; Milan, Rome and Catania host their pride events in June every year. Rome has also played host to EuroPride, however with all these advancements there’s still media reports of many homophobic attacks.

It is common that men may hold hands in the street or are affectionate, however kissing anywhere except the cheeks at greetings and goodbyes will certainly raise eyebrows. Bologna is renowned as the first gay city of Italy bringing gay rights to the forefront of Italian life.  Rome has developed its gay nightlife district in Testaccio just next to the Coliseum and in the fashion capital, Milan has a thriving gay scene.

Italy is rich in history, architecture, cuisine, fashion, wine and landscapes. Italy is incredibly popular and can offer so much to a visitor whether you visit one of the culturally rich primary cities of Venice, Milan, Florence, Verona, Turin or the small towns and islands in the South.

The month of August can become unbearably hot in Rome when most Romans escape the city for the countryside and hot beaches of the Mediterranean.



The charming medieval town of Florence is an ideal springboard for adventures deeper into the Tuscan region, home to wine, olives and simple farm fare. The gay scene in Florence is typically found on the the north shore of the Arno River.

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Like the rest of Italy Milan holds many conservative values but its international status means its atmosphere is more tolerant and liberal. This means that gay nightlife in Milan is thriving and there are plenty of gay events.

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From the bars in the trendy Trastevere neighborhood to the high-end fashion boutiques near the Spanish Steps, the LGBT life in Rome is flourishing.

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