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Gay and Lesbian Travel and Hotels in Sweden

Sweden is one of the nine countries worldwide to have full equal rights for homosexuals, passing gay marriage in 2009. While it’s a small country its commitment to gay and lesbian people is extraordinary with its touristboard making full inclusion of gay people.

Stockholm is the centre of life in this low-populated country and the same goes for the gay nightlife, however both Malmo and Gothenburg have a gay scene. Stockholm Pride has been going since August 1998, there are a few gay bars here but all Swedish bars are mixed and gay-inclusive. Lino is probably the best gay party spot in Stockholm along with Goken, while Gothenborg has MataHari and Malmo has the Wonk nightclub. The gay calendar is littered with events so there is always a party to join in with.

Compared to other European countries Sweden is quiet though there is vast countryside and landscapes to explore. It is better to go during the summer months of May to August, the weather is milder – though never hot, the days are longer – the further north you go the more you’ll experience 24-hour sunlight, and the winters can be very dark, cold and long.

Discover Sweden the new way through tours of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the bisexual heroine of modern times. Sweden can offer more than most European countries for any nature or outdoor activity enthusiast to explore its grand caves, huge lakes, mountain ranges and thriving habitats of wild and endangered animals.



The gay and lesbian scene in Stockholm is like the city itself: warm, open-minded and welcoming, easily accessible and fun.

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