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Three star

Amenities at Glidden House include a 24-hour reception, a safe deposit box, a designated smoking area, daily newspapers and internet access. All accommodation units at Glidden House feature a 42-inch flat-screen TV, free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Other conveniencies include bathrooms with hair dryers and showers, ironing facilities and heating.


  • 60 rooms
  • 5 suites
  • 3 floors



  • High Speed Internet
  • Bar
  • Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Elevator
  • 24 Hour Front Desk
  • Room Service
  • Air Conditioned
  • Laundry and Valet Services
  • Business Center


Dining options include an on-site restaurant which serves classic dishes. Guests can also enjoy their cocktails at the bar of the hotel.  

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Out and About Gay Travel Guides are available at each and every World Rainbow Hotel. They are prepared by the concierge and staff at the hotel and aim to provide you with up to date information about the local gay and lesbian scene.

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About the Location

Glidden House Hotel Cleveland is set in the center of Cleveland's cultural district, close to many attractions such as the Cleveland Botanical Garden, Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Museum of Natural History and the Severance Hall. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is also closeby.

Street Address

1901 Ford Dr,
Cleveland, Ohio, United States,
44106, North America


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