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Gay and Lesbian Travel in Australia

The birthplace of Priscilla, home of Muriel’s Wedding and a rich gay life Australia may have one gay life in the cities and a polar-opposite in the outback but its fresh approach is quickly changing its place in the world. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1994 only recognising same-sex unregistered cohabitation in 2009 and is undertaking lively discussions for same-sex marriage.

Sydney Mardi Gras, internationally renowned in the midst of the Australian summer, in February – March, is a gay event to fit in once during your lifetime – in fact it is one of the most vibrant, welcoming and popular in the world. Sydney’s ‘Gay Golden Mile’, the Oxford Strip is the gayborhood of the international city with a multitude of gay venues. A former favorite, Newton, is beginning to re-establish itself as a gay centre point, home to some of the more extravagant and independent citizens.

Tackle Australia in other directions and you will find a wealth of gay events including the Alice IS Wonderland Festival in late April – May a popular gay gay-pride festival in Alice Springs. Glam up and put your wildest costumes on for Adelaide’s annual Sleaze Ball in October with 18,000 other party-goers. Join in the celebrations for the queer multi-art and music event of Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival during January – February.

The Gold Coast in Queensland is a beach resort an hour from Brisbane offering stunning views, exquisite weather and warm seas accompanied by dashings of gay visitors enjoying the sun and the waves.

This vast country has a diverse landscape, extraordinary habitats, unique coral reefs, thriving Forests of Tasmania, and wildlife so diverse it will inspire your imagination. Australia is home to some of the most unique animals including wild koalas, wallabies and kangaroos.

Australia nearly has it all.



Australia’s second largest city, after Sydney, Melbourne is considered the cultural capital of Australia boasting a multicultural feel, and overflowing with a variety of interesting public art and cultural festivals.


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Sydney, a world class LGBT scene, outrageous beaches, incredible shopping, hip restaurants and bars... what more do you need?

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