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Why Book With Us?

Exceptional & carefully chosen hotels

All of our hotel members are carefully reviewed before they are accepted into the World Rainbow Hotels collection. Our acceptance criteria analyzes:

  • Hotel’s location
  • Hotel’s characteristics and category
  • Hotel’s knowledge of the local gay-scene
  • Hotel’s current involvement with the LGBT community
  • Hotel’s compliance with non-discrimination policies and same sex benefits for their staff


Popular gay & lesbian destinations

World Rainbow Hotels aims to provide a collection of hotels in the most important countries and cities for gay and lesbian travel. If you have a recommendation for our team of a suitable destination or hotel that we do not feature on the website, please contact us.


Authentic gay & lesbian welcoming

World Rainbow Hotels carefully selects our hotel members to ensure that when you visit one of our hotels, you can be offered a warm welcome and that the hotel’s staffs understands your travel concerns and how to meet them.


If you stay at a hotel in our collection, and do not feel that they meet our strict selection criteria, please contact the World Rainbow Hotels team, providing full details.


Free "Out & About" gay travel guides

Each hotel in the World Rainbow Hotel’s collection will be able to provide you with an “Out & About” gay travel guide. The “Out & About” gay travel guide will be available from the front desk or concierge at the hotel.


“Out & About” gay travel guides are available to provide you with useful information about the local gay and lesbian scene in or around the hotel (including restaurants, bars etc). Some of the “Out & About” gay travel guides will also be made available via the World Rainbow Hotel’s website.


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